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MultiMarkdown Composer is intended for writing several types of documents. Just as you would expect from its name, it supports Multimarkdown and Markdown languages. The editor is quite easy to use but you need to know how to use markup code if you want to take the best of it. The app’s interface is quite straightforward, and, although the default configuration works fine for most tasks, you may want to know what else you can get by exploring its settings.

The editor has two panels, one allows editing the underlying markup code and the other shows a live HTML preview of the formatted document. Good news is that they are perfectly synchronized. Fortunately, it comes with various productivity features that have an impact on both speed and accuracy. Like most similar tools, it supports syntax highlighting. Moreover, it lets you create your own color schemes or use readymade ones. Likewise, the tool can detect and warn you when some mistakes as incomplete punctuation pairs happen.

There are some extremely convenient features mostly if you are a scientific writer. I especially liked the availability of a table of contents at one side, which facilitates navigating through long and complex texts. In this regard, it is good that it lets you move a section to another location within the document with simple drag-and-drop operations. In a similar way, you can use the another sidebar to define various types of references to links and images, which you can conveniently use again if necessary. Finally, there is the CriticMarkup to generate different types of annotation, which are essential for collaborative writing.

The tool supports importing documents in other formats, and, in addition to that, it can even clean the imported text from various types of artifacts that may be left behind from the original structure.

All in all, MultiMarkdown Composer is a very convenient editor that boosts your productivity as a writer. Although the basic version of this product is available for free, it offers upgrades to its paid versions: Standard and Pro, available as in-app purchases. Unfortunately, the basic version is extremely crippled: for instance, it does not allow opening various documents simultaneously, export to other formats or access full history.

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  • Supports MultiMarkdown and Markdown languages
  • Live HTML preview
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Allows creating references
  • Table of contents management and navigation
  • Allows using annotations


  • Crippled basic version does not allow exporting to other formats and opening various documents simultaneously


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