MultiMarkdown Composer

MultiMarkdown Composer 4.4

Text editor that is designed from the ground up around the MultiMarkdown syntax.
4.4 (See all)

MultiMarkdown Composer is a text editor that is designed from the ground up around the MultiMarkdown syntax. It is designed to make writing in MultiMarkdown even easier than it already is, with automatic syntax highlighting, built in previews, easy export to any format that is supported by MultiMarkdown, and more!
By using an editor built around Markdown and MultiMarkdown, you can focus on the actual writing rather than worrying about formatting and styles. Let the computer deal with that when you're ready to export your document to another format.
Note: If you are unfamiliar with Markdown or MultiMarkdown, please learn more at before purchasing this application. We want to be sure that you will be happy with your purchase! Features: MultiMarkdown syntax highlighting Customizable themes - choose from built in themes, including solarized, or design your own Instant preview of rendered HTML Support for using Marked to preview if it's installed Automatic table of contents drawer for easy navigation Instant export to HTML, OPML, LaTeX, Flat OpenDocument format, and RTF Support for custom commands when exporting or previewing HTML ODB Editor support - use Composer to edit text from other applications Easily print your text file without struggling with arcane settings to make it fit properly on the page Easily switch between MultiMarkdown and the original Markdown syntax for both highlighting and HTML preview/export Built in support for 'mmd_merge' if you prefer to split your longer works among multiple text files Assisted Editing automatic list formatting "smart pairs": close parentheses, brackets, quotes, etc. automatic table alignment automatic metadata alignment single keystroke indent and outdent of lines automatic link creation Enhanced features Resume: MMDC will pick back up where you left off when you quit and restart the application Auto Save: OS X will save your MMDC documents periodically while you work, even if you forget Versions: OS X will save new versions of your file periodically so that you can go back to a previous version of your work after you've changed it Full Screen Mode: work on your document in full screen to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand

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