MrClean 1.8

A powerful application that makes you able to clean your Mac.
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MrClean is a small but powerful application that allows you to clean your Mac. The program will scan your computer for duplicate files, empty folders and aliases. After MrClean finishes scanning your Mac, it moves to trash the unwanted files.

MrClean allows you to fully scan your Mac, as well as to perform only a volume scan or a folder scan. The program enables you to choose the actions that will be performed at the end of each scan: to move to trash the unwanted files or keep them. The found files are displayed in a log on the interface of the application.

When you choose to scan for unwanted files and move them to trash, you are able to select the kind of files that you want to delete. To do so you have to check or uncheck boxes of each option, which is found on the interface. This options are: remove duplicates with changed names, remove empty folders, remove older versions, remove aliases. You can also choose if you want to skip library/user folders and if you want a detailed log, which will slow down the scanning speed.

Briefly, MrClean is a reliable program that proves to be very helpful when you want to delete unwanted files from you Mac.

Abbie Crang
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  • You can change the language of the program in Italian


  • Low scan speed
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