MPressionist.X Pro SD

MPressionist.X Pro SD 3.0

DVD MPEG-1/2 picture quality anaylsis
3.0.3 (See all)

MPressionist.X Pro is a premastering and diagnostic tool for DVD picture quality for DVD authors and professional video compressionists, and is currently available only for Macintosh. Offering a feature set unavailable in any other product on any platform, MPressionist.X makes it possible for desktop video authors to achieve the same level of control over the compression process that the big Hollywood studios use in their million-dollar compression studios. By providing key feedback on the results of compression, the author can quickly identify potential problem areas in the compressed bitstream without having to watch the entire compressed file. Using quantitative analysis, determine whether the encoded bitrate is too high or too low, and work in an iterative process to fine-tune your compression. No more "feeling around in the dark" for correct settings. Demystifies the relationships between settings in the encoder and the resultant MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video file. Provides "at a glance" diagnostics for checking 2:3 pulldown flags, MPEG timecode, GOP structure and more. Screenshots of the product in action are available on the Digigami MPressionist.X www site. A limited version of MPressionist.X is built into MegaPEG.X and can be found in the freely available Demo version of MegaPEG.X.

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