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This for-pay product includes Mac OS X optimized versions of all the MPEG Append variants: MPEG Append Force Anamorphic Force 16x9 Pan-Scan Force 4x3 MPEG Telecine and MPEG Frame.
MPEG Append appends one or more MPEG video files into a single file, applies the timecode information of your choice to the output file and collects any Final Cut Pro chapter markers from the source MPEG files and places them in the output.
Each of the variants performs the append function of MPEG Append and adds a specific change or edit type to the final file.
Force Anamorphic sets the aspect ratio of the MPEG video's display to 16x9 or anamorphic
Force 16x9 Pan-Scan sets the flags and window so that a single MPEG clip can be used full screen in both 4x3 and 16x9 applications.
Force 4x3 sets the aspect ratio of the MPEG video's display to 4x3 or full screen
MPEG Telecine adusts the inplayer telecine flags in the source video so that film sourced MPEG plays properly at NTSC rates on both computer and interlaced displays.
MPEG Frame sets the frame mode flag in the source video so that progressive playback devices can take advantage of the progressive source material.
What's new in this version:
Version 1.2 allows you to select the timecode format (drop frame, non-drop frame or as in the first file processed). This is useful when a particular format timecode is required by an application.
In addition, you can set the starting value for the timecode that is embedded in the output file, allowing you to synchronize the MPEG to the original tape or to any arbitrary standard.
This version also adds MPEG Frame, a variant of MPEG Append, which allows you to set the Frame flags in the M...



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