MozoDojo 2.4

MozoDojo is a graphics editing tool that allows you to create photo mosaics.

MozoDojo is a graphics editing tool that allows you to create photo mosaics. A photo mosaic is basically a photography made of several other photographies. For example, on their website, the developers of MozoDojo have a picture of the Earth which, if you look closely, is made from thousands of other smaller pictures.

MozoDojo makes the process of building a photo mosaic a lot easier than doing it by hand. To start the process, you have to select an image that you want to use as a model. In the Earth photo mosaic, the picture of the Earth was the model. Then, you have to tell MozoDojo what pictures you want to use to fill the mosaic. By default, MozoDojo can look in your iPhoto and Aperture libraries, in iTunes or some folder in your hard drive. My only problem with MozoDojo is that I couldn't choose an external drive to pick photos from. Once you have selected your pictures, you can set the size of the grid that you want to use. This establishes how many pictures you are going to use to compose the mosaic. The more pictures (or the smaller the grid size), the more time it will take to compose it. I used the default grid size on my first try and the process took a bit over 2 minutes, but the end result wasn't really good. So I decreased the size and after 20 minutes, I got a better-looking photo mosaic.

José Fernández
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  • It allows for great quality mosaics
  • Very easy to use


  • I couldn't use photos on an external drive
  • It was a bit slow
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