Motif Waveform Editor 3.0

Free Motif Waveform Editor allows you to manage User Waveforms
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Motif Waveform Editor allows you to manage User Waveforms, Arpeggios and Voices on the Motif XF or Motif XS in a comfortable and powerful environment. It supports editing of Motif XF X3A, X3V and X3W files and Motif XS X0A, X0V, X0W, X0G files.
You can copy Voices using User Arpeggios and User Waveforms from other X3V/X3A or X0V/X0A files and the appropriate Arpeggios and Waveforms will be copied to the new file. You can translate Voices, Arpeggios and Waveforms between XS and XF files with dependency information. You can reorder Voices, Arpeggios or Waveforms and the Librarian never loses dependency information between Voices, Arpeggios and Waveforms.

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