Mosaic For Adobe Lightroom

Mosaic For Adobe Lightroom 2.1

Your Lightroom Images on your iPhone, iPad or Browser - Wirelessly, Instantly, Automatically.
2.1 (See all)
Mosaic Storage Systems, Inc.

*Lightroom Photos Automatically Published To Your iPhone, iPad and Web.*
*Lightroom Private Photo Viewing App*
Login to the Mosaic App to view your Lightroom photos. Your photos are password protected and only available to be viewed by you. Have your photos in your pocket to enjoy with your friends, family, or clients.
*Lightroom Plugin and Desktop Software*
Mosaic works silently in the background to publish all of your Lightroom photos automatically to our App. You don't have to manually export or publish. Mosaic creates screen-resolution JPG images from your original Lightroom photos and automatically uploads them to our App for you. You can even close Lightroom. This happens wirelessly!
*Lightroom Development Edits and Metadata Synchronized*
Within a couple seconds of making a change or importing a photo to Lightroom, the Mosaic plugin and software upload the photo automatically to Mosaic App.
*Free Version Available!*
Most recent 2000 Images Synchronized Automatically to privately view!
What's new in this version:
Added support for 10.6

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