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Distorts voices both directly from the microphone or a recording.
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MorphVOX is intended to modify your voice and make it sound like somebody else’s. It works both in real time from a microphone or by loading recordings of your voice. In this regard, various audio formats, such as AIFF, AAC and MP3, are supported. Luckily, it integrates with various online games and instant messaging apps.

Once you start the app, there is a wizard to train it to your voice. However, reading one sentence does not seem enough for me. Then, there are multiple voices you can choose, including those of a robot, a child, a man, a woman or a hell demon. Regrettably, some of the voice sound too similar, in my opinion.

Additionally, you can customize them a little further by tweaking pitch, strength and timbre parameters. In this respect, it is possible to create new voice profiles if you want to. Good news is there are more voice packages you can download from the developer’s site, most of them for free.

It is also very convenient that you can also apply voice effects, such as chorus, noise, gapper, phaser, echo and reverb. Similarly, you can use other effects to simulate a broken glass or an alarm clock, for instance. And on top of that, it is possible to use a background sound, like that of the street or a shopping mall.

All in all, MorphVOX does a good job in distorting voices, but not a great job. In this respect, it may produce a noticeable reverb or overlap effect. It can let you have some fun or play practical jokes on someone you know. It can also be used to create dialogs among different fictional characters. Moreover, it may also come in handy in those situations you would like to protect your real identity. Unfortunately, it can also be used for reprehensible purposes, such as online bullying, as well. Although it is a paid product, it can be tried at no cost, so do not miss this opportunity to see if it is what you have been looking for.

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  • Supports various types of input
  • Processes audio in real time
  • Multiple voice packages
  • integrates with various online games and instant messaging apps
  • Allows adding effects and background sounds
  • Allows tweaking voices and creating new ones


  • Some voices may sound too similar
  • May produce a noticeable reverb or overlap effect


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