Moon Atlas 1.0

Moon Atlas is a complete graphical atlas of the Moon.
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Moon Atlas is a complete graphical atlas of the Moon. The application shows every major geographical feature of the moon in detailed satellite imagery. The app knows your location, or you can set it manually. Being aware of your location and time, Moon Atlas will show you the Moon exactly how you would see it from where you are. If you change your location, you will probably see a different part of the moon, or it will be darker in some areas and brighter in others. There are different ways in which you can see the moon with this app. By default, you see it as a fixed plane, and it is centered on the face of the moon that we always see. If you switch the globe mode from the toolbar, you will be able to interact with the image as if it were an Earth globe. You will be able to rotate it by dragging it and see the back side of the Moon. If you do that, you will notice that not much of it is mapped. There are also different annotation modes, and you can choose to see the current phase of the moon or simply see the entire moon without a phase.

In short, this is an interesting app that lets you get to know the Moon a little better. You can zoom in quite a lot and the quality of the satellite imagery is good.

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  • Manual location adjustment
  • Precise movement
  • Several annotation modes
  • Very detailed atlas
  • Nice imagery


  • Basic mapping

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An interesting app for a reasonable price. I like the possibility to see the other side of the moon. Yes, Google Earth provides something similar, but this one seemed to me to provide a bit more information.

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