MolecularWorkbench 100.0

It creates and delivers visual, simulations for teaching science.

The Molecular Workbench™ (MW) software is a a versatile platform for science education. First, it is an open-ended modeling tool for designing and conducting powerful simulations across science and engineering. Second, it provides an authoring system for instructional designers to create and publish simulation-based curriculum materials. Third, it delivers an interactive learning environment that allows students to explore science in great depth with the materials created by its modeling and authoring parts. MW covers a wide range of topics, such as gas laws, fluid mechanics, properties of materials, states of matter, phase change, heat transfer, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, structure-function relationships, the genetic code, protein synthesis, light-matter interactions, electron-matter interactions, and quantum phenomena. Although MW already offers a lot of existing simulations and curriculum materials that cover those topics, you are absolutely welcome to create your own simulations and curricula.

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