Modern Combat Domination

Modern Combat Domination is a first-person shooter for the Mac.
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Modern Combat Domination is a first-person shooter for the Mac. It currently ranks #38 in the top 50 paid apps on the Mac App Store, which is no small feat. The game features nice graphics, both a single-player mode and a multi-player mode and a nice ranking system. Honestly, you will only enjoy this game if you don't start comparing it with beast games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. This is a small-budget game, with its flaws, but fun nonetheless.

Modern Combat Domination doesn't have a single player campaign, but it does let you play against computer player in any of the available game modes. The multi-player mode lets you play against real people over the Internet or a LAN.

The graphics are nicely optimized for the Mac. I thought the game was surprisingly smooth, considering how bad Macs are at gaming. I had some problems with the mouse sensitivity, but I am pretty sure that is because my mouse is not the best one.

I tested the Multi-player mode, and when I logged in, only 170 players were online. That basically means that you might have problems finding a good match. I managed to play against a single opponent for 5 rounds. The game was about defending two points in the map. Suffice it to say, a 1 on 1 game in a large map can be boring.

All in all, Modern Combat Domination is a nice game. It doesn't have the best physics engine or top-notch graphics, but it can be rewarding in other ways.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • It is a nice game


  • Not many people play it
  • No single player campaign

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Ok. What we have here is a combo game, COD and CS:S stuck together. No health regen, like in COD.. once you're injured, you stay injured. Iron sights on a target don't mean a hit every time, guns miss (WHO KNEW?!)
Fun game, nice people, good gameplay, nice feel, few bugs...

The AI however... could be improved.......

Be carful around the AI bots, which have tags like Gen. Pants or Col. Charles Norris (^^)
They will either be amazingly accurate, or miss like a drunk, high, hypnotised, alcoholic who just got off a merygoround. Going 30 mph. You get the idea.

Final Score...

Gameplay: 4/5 (Amazing)
AI: (2/5) (Meh)
Graphics: (6/5) (SPECTACULAR for the price. Looks like a veeeery slightly fuzzy version of COD4, MW2.)
Guns: (3/5) (Guns sound the same, some are pricy, but the pistol is very nice.)
Leveling: (3.5/5) (Hard at first, but once you unlock some guns, and figure out how the game works, you'll be golden)

Total score ---> 4.5/5

Astounding game, a must-have for any multiplayer FPS fan out there. And only 8 bucks. ^_^

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