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Develop your Mac OS X Cocoa applications in rapid application development environment.
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Mint Project is a rapid application development environment that builds true Mac OS X Cocoa applications using a BASIC (Mint Basic flavor) style programming language. Mint Project's application development workflow is intuitive and engaging for programmers.
Straight Forward Language:
Mint Basic is an object oriented language just like Objective-C; however, unlike Objective-C, the language preferred by Apple, Mint Basic has a low learning curve due to its straightforward syntax. Users of Real Studio (formally REALbasic) and Visual Studio will find Mint Project an easy transition to make and great alternative as it supports many of the programing language elements of those two platforms. Let the word 'BASIC' not fool you because fortunately, Mint Basic is robust and highly suitable for professional app development.
Easy to Maintain:
Unlike Xcode, Mint Project does away with the need to maintain separate header (.h) and implementation (.m) files, instead Mint Project allows you to organize your project (classes, methods, properties) visually using folder and modules.
User Interfaces:
Mint Project is not just a new Language or new IDE, it is a full fledged user interface design tool which allows developers to do away with the NIB files and instead design user interfaces that are directly part of the code and is thus easier to access than NIBs. For developers who prefer to use NIB files, Mint Project is fully compatible.
Product Types:
Mint Project is capable of building Applications and Frameworks for Mac OS X.
Multiple Targets:
Mint Project also supports multiple targets allowing a developer to setup different build scenarios where platform, architecture, frameworks, classes (you can disable and enable classes for any particular target), and resources are variable. This allows for similar products that share a code base to be produces by simply deactivating the irrelevant classes for any particular target.
You Own The Product:
Products created in Mint Project by developers who have a registered and valid license from Mint Software are fully welcomed to sell and distribute their creations.
What's new in this version:
- More changes to File Structure, compatibility with older bets is broken, but older documents should convert correctly. - Layout Viewer now accepts resizing from all its corners. - Layout Viewer nows shows UIViews and descendants of UIViews, but there is currently no proper representation displayed. - Pallets have been added to allow drag and drop of Objects on NSViews (UIViews for iOS to come). - NSViews should update correctly when editing their size property in the Inspector. This was a...

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