Mini Touch Golf 2.0

Putt your way through 36 different holes of miniature golf.
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Mini Touch Golf is a simple mini-golf game for the Mac. The game uses 2D graphics and it lets you play in 18 different courses, which vary in difficulty. This game was first released on iOS, and touch controls are used in iOS devices. It is unclear whether the game supports touch controls via your Mac's trackpad or by using the Magic Trackpad, because there isn't much information or help available, either via the game or on the developer's website. I tested the game using a regular mouse and the controls were very easy. All you need to do is drag and drop on the ball with the left mouse button to give your shot power and direction. Then you release the button, and you will see how the ball goes where you wanted it to go. Most of the levels have different walls and traps that prevent you from taking a straight shot towards the hole. So, when you make a powerful shot, the ball will bounce off the walls like crazy. It was hard to actually see where the ball was bouncing off after a shot. In the first few levels, I could aim and try to put the ball in the hole in 1 shot, but the following levels required a lot of luck to do that.

Mini Touch Golf has gotten some mixed reviews on the Mac App Store. Some claim the controls are bad and some that the obstacles don't have a realistic effect on the ball's trajectory. I didn't have a problem with the controls, but the obstacles bit is spot on. Other than walls, no obstacle seems to do anything to alter the trajectory of the ball.

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José Fernández
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  • Easy to play
  • 18 courses


  • The obstacles don't seem to have an effect on your shots
  • The ball moves too fast at times


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