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Free Freeware and comes with no warranties.
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MidiPipe is freeware and comes with no warranties. MidiPipe can be useful in a music studio or live on stage to route, map, filter, convert, display, input and output MIDI messages in real-time.
Right now it comes with the following tools:
- Midi In - connects a MIDI input to the pipe
- Midi Out - connects a MIDI output to the pipe
- AList - outputs messages to the screen
- Message Converter - converts messages from one type to an other
- Delay - delays the time for when the message is scheduled
- Transpose - transposes note to multiple keys, set velocity, delay and channel for each
- Message Filter - filters by messages
- Channel Filter - filters by channel
- Channel Router - routes channels
- Keyboard Split - moves note on/off messages above/below a split point to a different channel
- Randomizer - randomly changes any parameter value(s) of any channel message(s)
- Keyboard - play a on screen keyboard with your mouse or keys; will display arriving messages too
- MicroTuner - apply different scales
- Set - set any parameter value(s) of any channel message(s) to any value
- Duration - add a delay between Note On and Note Off messages
- Control Split - inverse, limit, scale, fade in/out, route and map MIDI controllers
- Control Slider - simple slider for control message input
- AppleScript Trigger - use the power of AppleScript to implement everything you want
- (N)RPN Mapper - map (N)RPNs
- Velocity Modifier - scale, shift, and clip the velocity of Note On and Note Off messages
- SMF Player - plays up to 128 MIDI Files; handles Song Select, Start/Stop/Continue messages
- Key Mapper - map keys
- DLS Synth - user interface for Apple's DLS Synth
- Message Factory - trigger your own messages with static and variable data bytes
- Double Filter - filters identical messages
- Monophonic - make monophonic



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