MI-SUGAR c 0.5

MI-SUGAR is a tool for designing analog electronic circuits.
0.5.8 (See all)

MI-SUGAR (pronounced "my sugar") is a tool for designing analog electronic circuits. It is built for Mac OS X 10.4 and was first distributed under the MacInit brand. The MI prefix comes from MacInit, while SUGAR is a wordplay referring to the SPICE simulation engine. The circuit simulation engines of MI-SUGAR are the free tools SPICE and Gnucap. The user can create analog circuits using the schematic entry tool or the netlist editor, then run the simulation and, finally, inspect the results in the graph plotter. Users can also build their own library of circuit elements.
- Dragging & dropping circuit elements from a rich palette,
- snap-on alignment helps laying out elements,
- connecting elements by dragging from the endpoints,
- beautiful vector graphics,
- unlimited undos,
- zooming and panning,
- exporting schematics to SVG,
- converting schematics to SPICE netlists,
- syntax-highlighting in the netlist editor,
- support for creating custom subcircuits,

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