Mesh 1.2

gradient mesh plug-in effect for Illustrator
1.2 (See all)

Mesh plugin to manipulate mesh points and colors to create 1000s of different mesh effects. Create grid effects + lines meshes + pulsed meshes + randomized meshes + blocky meshes + gradient / blend meshes + framed meshes, ribbon meshes, color burst meshes and more. Requires a pre-created mesh (via the mesh tool or the create gradient mesh), but the plugin can be applied to multiple meshes and paths. The mesh plugin also creates wonderful distortions and dramatic mesh designs. Create unusual painted effects. Use to create beautiful blend / gradient mesh designs. Comes with a selection of presets. Comes with a selection of 60+ bonus symbols/mesh designs. The mesh plugin can be used on an envelope mesh to create many 100s of variant distortions/warpings to images/paths/symbols etc.

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