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MeowMatch is a simple matching game targeted at children.
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MeowMatch is a simple matching memory game targeted at children. It features colorful spherical cats as mascots. There are three difficulty levels, which vary in the amount of time provided to make all available matches. Each card for matching is in the shape of a cat's silhouette, with a question mark on one side and an image of an everyday object on the other side.

Each level begins with a short reveal of all the cards on the table. The player then has a certain amount of time to match up all the cards. Surpassing the time limit will forfeit a life (each game starts with three, not the nine you might expect) and restart the level. Although the levels are split into worlds using the two-number system pioneered by Super Mario Bros., there is no noticeable difference between them. There is a high score list, and that pretty much says it all in terms of this game's features.

Sam's Protip: If you can staunch your boredom in the early levels, the later levels actually get challenging enough for an adult to find interesting on the "Hard" difficulty setting.

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  • Nice variety of object images
  • Difficulty levels provide good breadth


  • Irritating generic audio
  • Game progress hard to track



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