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MenuEdit is a DVD editor for Windows which eliminates a root of the problem.
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Having all these nice tools, like: dvddecryptor, ifoedit, dvdshrink and imgtools one can make a backup of DVD disk very easily. The only steps in this process, which are a real hassle, is editing menus to disable/edit buttons linking to pruned parts of the DVD and bypassing unwanted materials. These procedures require a good knowledge of DVD disk structure and even then take a lot of time (usually more personal time then all other steps together).

MenuEdit is a DVD vob file editor for Windows which eliminates a root of the problem - removes buttons from dvd menu screens and replaces unwanted material with what you like. No button - no problem.
MenuEdit has very simple and easy to use graphical user-interface which will let you:
Remove unwanted buttons from either still or motion menus;
Remove intro/logo/warning screens;
Delete not used cells/vobs;
Preview everything on your DVD;
Automatic relinking of the buttons left in the menu so that it's still possible to access buttons with navigation keys of the remote control;
Automatic adjustment to the buttons for all auto display modes;
Edit all button's attributes and commands;
Add buttons to menu;
Edit menu color table;
Move buttons between menus - export/import menu buttons;
Save selected video frames into file;
Change cell/vob id.

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