mehTunes 2.0

Utility designed to convert iTunes playlists in high-quality MP3 files.

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iTunes stores music in a very comfortable format, “.m4a”, smaller and smarter than “.mp3”. Sometimes it’s necessary to export from this format to MP3, and in this case, using iTunes is pretty uncomfortable, because iTunes MP3 exporter isn’t exactly exciting, and it’s necessary to convert, copy, and then remove from iTunes Library

On the other hand there are many third-party conversion tools, but arranging music is a task tipically already performed in iTunes. This small utility is designed to fill the gap.

mehTunes is the easiest way to export iTunes playlist to high quality MP3 files, suitable for MP3 CD and non-apple MP3 players. It is a stand-alone application developed in AppleScript ObjectiveC, and because of this it requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (or newer). It interacts with iTunes, and prompts the user for MP3 processing.

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