Medical Chart Plus

Medical Chart Plus 1.0

Record, organize and generate Patient charts in the hospital or private office setting.
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Medical Chart Plus

The Medical Chart for Physicians is the ultimate database management application. It offers you most comprehensive and user-friendly Medical Chart recording tool, which allows you to enter, update and save patients information, reflecting most recent healthcare standards. Our database contains hundreds of medical terms and abbreviations, categorized according to general symptoms, body systems review, physical exam, studies and most commonly prescribed medications. This build-in terminology allows you to quickly select necessary options for given chart.
The Medical Chart is a highly customizable application. For any non-standard situation you can easily modify your options and specific information pertinent to given patient into expandable text boxes. The application consists of series of easy to follow, logically organized screens. Navigation menu allows you the convenience of instant access to any screen and provides great flexibility in the order of which to proceed with information entry. This is a valuable tool which allows you in a matters of minutes accurately complete patients chart and keep it handy at any time. There is no necessity to read complicated user manuals. It's very intuitive and logical.

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