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This application lets you convert HD videos into different formats.
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mediAvatar HD Video Converter is an app that lets you convert videos between HD formats and to convert HD videos into SD formats. Some of the codecs supported are MKV, H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, TS, M2TS, and AVCHD. This converter comes with an extensive list of conversion profiles, which are pre-loaded conversion settings. Most popular multimedia playback devices are supported.

Graphically, this converter is pretty much identical to all the other mediAvatar converters I have tried in the past. When you load files to the conversion queue, they will be listed in the middle of the screen. At the bottom, you will find the conversion format selection menu and on the right some profile settings that you can modify after selecting the conversion format. There is a video player that lets you play your videos before converting them and a CPU meter that displays the current CPU usage.

In my testing, I was able to convert MKV files to other HD formats and I was satisfied with the results. I like the graphical user interface and the format support. However, I have to mention that I didn't find a video editor, a feature most converters (even simpler ones) have. Also, there isn't support for subtitle or multiple audio tracks, which are common in HD files. If your file has a DTS audio stream, it will surely be converted to another format if you convert it with this app, and I didn't find an option to change that behavior.

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José Fernández
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  • Great format support
  • A number of conversion profiles
  • Nice design


  • No subtitle support
  • No video editor
  • Limited conversion options



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