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Math Quiz is a math reinforcement tool also provides quiz quality reporting.
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Ryan's Math Quiz is a math reinforcement tool. It's applications are very much in line with flash card use to build confidence and improve proficiency of basic math skills. Ryan's Math Quiz also provides quiz quality reporting for skill assessment and progress monitoring. The response is instant (no need to hit enter) and only positive reinforcement is given. If the correct answer is given, the word "yes" appears in blue above the query, and a new query is given. Any correct keystrokes on the way to giving an answer are displayed in green below the query. Incorrect keystrokes are counted within the program but not displayed. This encourages guessing when unsure of an answer and reinforces even partial correctness. Difficulty can be set using the setup menu prior to beginning a quiz. If difficulty is altered, the difficulty is stated at the bottom of the display area. The window will display either the number of remaining queries (to be correctly answered) or remaining seconds depending on the style of quiz chosen when starting.

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