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Master Minesweeper is a nice minesweeper game for the Mac.
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Master Minesweeper is a nice game for the Mac. It is a strategy/puzzle game in which you have to clear a field of mines without knowing where they are at first. The game consists of a nine-to-nine grid with all the cells hidden. When you click on a cell, you will either reveal a mine, and the game will be over, or reveal a number. The numbers that you reveal tells you how many mines are adjacent to a cell. For example, if you reveal a number "1", you know that there is only one mine adjacent to that cell. That helps you figure out where the mines are, and it also helps in knowing where they are not, which, with some logic, should help you finish the game.

When you start each game, a counter starts timing you and you will see the number of mines on the grid.

Master Minesweeper features very nice graphics. The game plays smooth and there is non-stop music, which repeats itself over and over again. The game can be played in full-screen mode or in a window. There are three difficulty levels. The hardest one uses a twenty-to-twenty grid and 99 mines.

José Fernández
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  • Nice graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Three difficulty levels


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