Maps 1.0

Use every pixel of your display to explore new destinations.
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The Maps app lets you use every pixel of your display to explore new destinations, and it takes full advantage of the graphics power of your Mac. So zooming is incredibly smooth and responsive. Text and details are crisp and easy to read. And you get gorgeous views such as Flyover, a photo-realistic, interactive 3D experience that lets you soar high above selected cities. Maps makes it simple to get information on local points of interest like restaurants and hotels, showing you phone numbers, photos and even Yelp reviews. It’s also easy to get there on time, thanks to point-to-point directions, real-time traffic conditions and suggested alternative routes. When you’re ready to go, send your map to your iPhone for voice navigation on the way. With OS X Mavericks, maps are built into Mail, Contacts and Calendar too. So wherever you see an address, you can see it on a map, just like that.

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