Making Mr. Right

Making Mr. Right puts your relationship skills to the test!
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Making Mr. Right is a game that combines elements of match-three, time-management, and city-sim genres in a level-based quest to bring men closer to fulfilling relationships. The player runs a franchise of training studios that give men the skills necessary to impress their interested other.

For each of the 25 levels, the player is charged with meeting certain goals within a given time frame. To do so, they alternate between the different game modes, building up their town to create a client base, managing the training studio to make sure men get the skills they need to impress, and doing some match-three on the clock to win cash and power-ups. The game combines these modes (and maybe even some elements of date simulation games) flawlessly into a unique casual gaming experience that is difficult not to enjoy, even if, like me, you find the premise questionable and the graphics banal.

Sam's Protip: Most of the real-life "Tips in Making Mr. Right" presented prior to each level are head-smackingly obvious, but a number are worth taking to heart for the romantically inclined.

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  • Combines different casual gameplay styles into a cohesive, unique, and enjoyable experience
  • Provides real-world tips for men in relationships


  • A bit too easy to complete perfectly
  • Heterosexual men risk eternal shame if caught playing it
  • Depicts unrealistic view of relationship success



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