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Access various hidden settings and reclaim disk space.
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MainMenu is a Mac utility that sits on your status bar and helps you boost up the performance of your system. What's more, the program gives you access to various hidden Mac settings and provides you with a quick way to reclaim disk space on your computer, manage clippings, and empty Trash.

The app features a main window and a menu in your status bar. You can access any of the built-in tools by simply clicking on the app's Dock or Menu Bar icon. Their settings are very simple to configure even for beginner computer users. Still, the program gives you access to a help manual in case you're having difficulties while using it on your Mac.

I tested each of the integrated utilities and they all worked perfectly. The application immediately completes any of the given tasks, without slowing down the performance of other running programs from my Mac.

Still, the Pro version of this application, created by the same developer, gives you access to more features and the price difference between the two variants isn't big at all.

In conclusion, you should give MainMenu Pro a try and see how it works. I tested the program and is definitely worth buying it for your Mac if you want to easily optimize the performance of your system.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with an integrated help guide
  • Provides you with a wide range of built-in utilities
  • Immediately completes any given task


  • The Pro version gives you access to more features
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