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MagicanPaster Lite is a network monitoring tool for the Mac.
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MagicanPaster Lite is a network monitoring tool for the Mac. It is absolutely free from the App Store, and you can also download a similar, free tool from the developer's website. However, MagicanPaster Lite isn't available from Magican's website for some reason.

MagicanPaster Lite consists of a single window which shows the current state of your network adapter and a graphic representation of the bandwidth usage for the last minute. The app displays the current download and upload speed and the peak speeds (the max speeds since the app has been running). It also shows the name of the network interface and the local IP address.

From the Preference's window, you can change a few settings. For example, you can set the app to mini-mode, which only shows the current speeds, or you can change the colors used for download and upload speeds. The refresh intervals and history time line can also be changed. The default values are 1 second for the refresh interval and 60 seconds for the time line.

MagicanPaster Lite can be set to run on top of other applications, but if you don't want that, you can easily call it to the front by using a hotkey.

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  • It works well
  • Customizable


  • I'd like it to show the speed on the Menubar
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