Magic Number Machine

Magic Number Machine 1.0

A free, full-featured, graphically laid out,precision, scientific calculator.
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A free, full-featured, graphically laid out, high-precision, scientific calculator for Mac OS X 10.4 and greater. Full source-code is included with the distribution. Good if you need to enter large expressions or have extended precision. Data Drawers allow statistical data, linear regression and gaussian elimination. All parts of the program support complex numbers and hexadecimal numbers.
- 25 accurate digits of precision
- Complex numbers
- Hexdecimal, octal, binary, decimal and 2’s complement display.
- Floating point numbers, even in non-decimal radices.
- A full expression history (go back to anything)
- A graphical display that you can click on to change the entry point
- Value memory limited only by computer memory.
- Statistics functions
- Linear regression
- Matrix functions including gaussian elimination, inversion and determinants.
- Large number of scientific constants built-in.

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