Mad Skills Motocross

Mad Skills Motocross 1.0

Mad Skills Motocross is an exciting game that involves performing bike stunts.
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Mad Skills Motocross is a challenging game that involves motorbikes, stunts, jumps and achievements. The graphic engine is simple and provides realistic physics for the movements of the biker. The users can choose from a wide variety of tracks with various difficulty levels as Mad Skills Motocross provides lots of achievements to be discovered. The users are allowed to choose between normal career tracks and timed levels. Also, from time to time, the users must beat a “bot” opponent in motorbike skills. The game is very addictive, and can be easily played by both beginners and advanced users. The career mode teaches the users how to do various tricks and stunts while enjoying the game. The main difference from other similar games is that the users can jump with the bike by pressing “space” key in order to increase the height of a jump or help themselves into obtaining various achievements. The game comes with a good functionality and is highly responsive to commands, thus making it easy to complete the levels.

All taken into consideration, Mad Skills Motocross is an exciting game that contains speed, jumping and performs various tricks and stunts.

Dave Hattey
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  • Nice graphic engine
  • Realistic physics while jumping and landing
  • Lots of challenging levels to choose from


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