Macnification 2.0

With Macnification you can capture images directly from almost any still camera.
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Orbicule, Inc.

With Macnification you can capture images directly from almost any still camera, from most FireWire cameras and from some USB cams.
Macnification has been built from the ground up for microscopic image data: it knows how to handle many file formats (including JEOL tiff and Zeiss lsm, among others) and image metadata. Imagine all your microscopic images, available in one, easy-to-use interface.

Macnification lets you create folders, smart folders, light tables and stacks with a single click. Smart folders can be based on image metadata. For example, you could create a smart folder that shows all images taken at 500x and above. Folders can be grouped into projects, neatly organizing your entire image library.

Measuring won't get any easier: double-click any image to jump to full screen mode and start analyzing. With Macnification, you can measure length, area, perimeter, circularity, color values, etc. Measurements are added and updated while you measure and statistics are calculated on-the-fly. Of course, measurements can be exported to Numbers, Excel or any other spreadsheet application for further analysis.

To improve your analysis and editing workflow, Macnification includes a convenient full-screen mode, hiding all desktop clutter while making it much easier to focus on your work. All adjustments are non-destructive: they do not alter the original image. In fact, the original image file is never touched.

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