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Many users experience poor system performance with this app and try to uninstall it nearly impossible due to scattering across the OS.

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Guest, hello!

Thank you for your feedback! I am Vicky, a Community Manager from MacKeeper.

Yes, we had problems with users' poor system performance and uninstall of MacKeeper in the past. But since 2018 MacKeeper has worked tirelessly to improve all of the issues our customers were facing. We proved that MacKeeper is safe and shows great performance by receiving top industry certifications: Apple Notarization, AppEsteem Certification and AV-test certification. All of these prove that whenever you’re using the app, you can be confident that the app you use is acknowledged to be safe, and so is your data. It’s an official confirmation of the app’s legitimacy, which matches the highest industry quality standards.

As for the uninstall issue — we fixed this problem a while ago. Any MK user can uninstall MK by simply moving it into ‘trash’.

Moreover, MacKeeper can uninstall itself safely if the user decides so smile Without leaving any files in the system. To do so you can go to MacKeeper's Smart Uninstaller => choose 'Applications' where MacKeeper allows to safely uninstall any app that user wants => and choose to remove MacKeeper.

I hope you try MacKeeper once again and see for yourself how great of a product we are now smile

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My knowledge regarding computers, viruses, security, etc. is quite basic, all technicians were not only patient with my questions but also explained every step of the process in terms of which I could understand. The entire process actually took the technician less time than I was told to expect. I have already recommended this product/service to family members. Thanks!

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I have been pleased with MacKeeper, it is concise and easy-to-use.

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It's awesome. Professional, courteous, with good problem-solvers, and I finished the job right on time. Thanks.

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Fast and easy. Thanks, seems like good quick experience. I have only experienced one problem over several years of using MacKeeper, and that was solved very quickly with one short session with one of the experts.

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I trust this product and I am sure it covers all my online activity and the customer support is great if you ever have a problem. I do recommend this product, because it is value for money.

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2015 version is totally great: fast and more complete. The support team always helps and answers my questions.

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A very nice program. I use a Macbook, so the anti-theft feature is a needed thing!

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Patrick Mele
This will make OSX system unstable.

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The latest released version is quite good. I've just updated to the new version, and I am very glad that the service becomes better.

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This program is a very wide regard by Mac Security Professionals and most Mac users as being a scam. This is because it does provide false warnings about Macs being in a "Critical State" after the Hard Drive has been erased and a completely new unaltered installation of any version of Mac OS X is installed, its so called clean up attempts are useless and only remove many benign or harmless ther things which are NOT in any way detrimental to your Mac.

This company also engages in a highly aggressive advertising campaign using annoying Pop Ups/Pop Unders and Redirects in a constant barrage of extremely annoying and intrusive attempts to persuade Mac users to buy this program.

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Do not download it!

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This app is a rogue app. Unwanted.

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A handy tool to help you keep an eye on your Mac. Worked nicely for me.

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My computer has not worked right since I have installed MacKeeper. I would like to uninstall it and have my money returned. Thank you, Roxelyn

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