Mach Desktop

Mach Desktop 3.0

Mach Desktop provides you with various desktop background settings.

Mach Desktop provides you with a quick and stylish solution for customizing the appearance of your screens. You can choose different moving wallpapers for any monitor that's being connected to your Mac and add various widgets to your desktop to monitor weather reports.

The program gives you access to high-quality animated wallpapers that can display a fireplace, a snowing scene, the Milky Way, etc. On the main menu of the application you can choose when to start and stop displaying the selected wallpaper.

Furthermore, its Desklet Manager tool provides you with several widgets for your desktop. For instance, you can add an analog clock to your screen or a 12-hour weather report. The weather widget comes with individual settings for defining your current area, selecting temperature unit, and much more.

But, most importantly, this utility, unlike others of its kind, doesn't slow down the performance of your Mac while displaying the animated wallpapers. Mac Activity Monitor tool shows that Mach Desktop uses a very small amount of CPU resources.

To conclude, you should buy this program if you got tired of your old wallpaper or just wish to have access to multiple desktop settings. The application offers you simple to configure settings and comes with an affordable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Offers you various widgets
  • Doesn't slow down the performance of your Mac
  • You can start or stop the animated wallpapers from being displayed with just one click


  • None
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