Mac-NeKo 15.1

Mac-HaBu is a program to write invoices for services of a rental object (Apartments, Offices...).
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Mac-HaBu is a program to write invoices for services of a rental object (Apartments, Offices...). Mac-NeKo was developed as independent application. It can be used for rental objects. It also work for objects, where only the service must be paid. Who need also an accounting program, can use our accounting program Mac-HaBu. Between both programs exists an interface, which makes it easy to transfer data. During the development, we used the concepts of our accounting program. Beside the simple and intuitive operation, a high flexibility is extremely important. Older objects, different contracts or additional changes can make the calculation very complex. Therefore, a program must be flexible and expandable, also during the run time. With the existing examples for small objects you can setup it very quick. Nevertheless, you are able to expand the calculations for more complex objects. With this feature, you are able to create invoices for almost all objects. Through the high scalability (calculations, accounts...) an optimal investment-protection is guaranteed. Of course, we also offer updates (usually free) regularly with new features.
What's new in this version:
Die interface to the online-banking programs was adapted to SEPA.. To enter a SEPA direct debit, some additional information are necessary. These can now be managed in the personal account of the customer. To simplify the calculations, functions can be used. E.g. heating counter must be reseted every year. With this new option, you are able to reset a counter in this program.



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