LunarCell 1.9

Photoshop plugin creates realistic planets & moons.

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LunarCell is a plug-in filter for paint programs. It draws moons and planets. To use this software, you need a paint program which accepts standard Photoshop 3.0 plugins. Just put the plug-in filter into the folder where your paint program expects to find it. If you have Photoshop, the folder is Photoshop:Plugins:Filters or Photoshop:Plug-ins. You must restart Photoshop before it will notice the new plug-in. It will appear in the menus as Filters->Flaming Pear->LunarCell. Most other paint programs follow a similar scheme. If you have Paint Shop Pro: you have to create a new folder, put the plug-in filter into it, and then tell PSP to look there. In PSP's menus, choose File-> Preferences->General Program Preferences... and click the Plug-in Filters tab. Use a "Browse" button to choose the folder. The plugin will appear in the menus as Image->Plug-in Filters->Flaming Pear->LunarCell.
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64-bit version for Windows.

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