Lumox 2

Lumox 2

puzzle game inspired by Lumines
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Lumox 2 is an enjoyable game in which you must form groups of four blocks or more of the same color to make them highlighted. The idea is that those highlighted blocks are eliminated when electrical beam passes through the blocks. This electrical beam passes randomly, so you have to wait for it. The blocks can be rotated and you can locate them in the board like in Tetris using the arrow keys to select their position. The more blocks you destroy when the beam passes, the higher your score will be. If the blocks reach the top, the game is over.

The game includes various modes, although they don't appear in the trial version. Every time you play a game in the trial version, a different game will appear. The games will have different backgrounds, different music, and different styles of blocks. Unfortunately, the game doesn't include instructions, so I had to figure out how to play the game by myself. The game features awesome graphics, nice sounds, and very pleasant music with lots of different tracks.

Thus, Lumox 2 is an enjoyable puzzle game to pass the time.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics
  • Cool music
  • Lots of levels and modes


  • No instructions
  • The trial doesn't show the different modes
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