Love Chronicles: The Spell

Love Chronicles: The Spell is a hidden-object game with a nice story.
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Love Chronicles: The Spell is a nice hidden-object game in which you need to help the kingdom wake up from a spell. For this reason, you will travel to different locations looking for the missing princess. You will need to explore the scenes in detail and read the dialogues shown to guide you in your search. In every location, there will be a list of things to do, which will appear in your journal. In some occasions, you need to find the pieces of an object which may be scattered around the place, and when you find them all, the object will be placed in your inventory for future use. When you need to find objects, these will be found on the left bottom corner of the screen and you will be shown their silhouettes.

Sadly, the game includes only one mode, but there are two difficulty levels for different skills. The differences between the two difficulty levels have to do with the time hints take to recharge and the number of hints given. Graphics are simple but nice and attractive, sounds are simple but realistic and the music is suitable.

To conclude, Love Chronicles: The Spell can be an enjoyable hidden-object game to pass the time, so I suggest you try it and see if it works for you.

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  • Two difficulty levels
  • Enjoyable
  • Nice story


  • Simple sounds and graphics,
  • Only one mode



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