Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse Collector's Edition is a puzzle game for Mac.
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This app is a special edition of the Lost Lands: The Golden Curse game developed by the Five-BN company. Besides providing you with the features from the standard edition of the game (storyline, mini-games, map, etc.), the app also gives you access to an additional chapter filled with many challenging puzzles, a strategy guide, and original wallpapers and sound files.

The story revolves around the main character, a young female called Susan. She rescued the Lost Lands before, so Maaron, summons her to help the kingdom from its destruction.

You travel from the real world to the magical realm. The objective is to find the source of the troubles from the kingdom. With each step you take you learn new things about the danger you're about to face.

The game will put your puzzle solving skills to the test through various challenges. You can use the Hint option if you're unsure how to solve a riddle or where to head next. Also, the app lets you use the Skip option if you wish to bypass a challenge.

Also, you have access to a tasks list and a journal which you can check at any time. The built-in strategy guide will come in handy if you're having problems completing a puzzle or finding clues.

Personally, I enjoyed playing this puzzle game. The plot was very captivating, filled with many challenges and interesting characters. The graphics looked nice and the background music and sound effects were amazing.

Hence, you should try this app if you're into playing this type of puzzle games on your free time.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Impressive graphics
  • Captivating plot
  • Gives you access to a tasks list
  • You can teleport from one location to another
  • Keeps track of important notes in a journal
  • Automatically saves your progress


  • None



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