Lost In Time - The Clockwork Tower

Lost In Time - The Clockwork Tower 1.0

Lost In Time: The Clockwork Tower is a hidden-object adventure game.
1.0.1 (See all)
Spark Plug Games - Namco Games

There's no time to lose - not if you want to help Eliza save her village! With the town's mysterious Clockwork Tower disrupted, time itself has ground to a halt. It's up to you to repair it and return Eliza's neighbors from their frozen state!

The breathtaking 3D journey through time and space will require more than a sharp eye for hidden objects; you'll need to remove obstacles and solve bizarre mysteries on your way to correcting the distortions in time that block your path up the tower!

Seek out the missing gears in Eliza's Pocket Watch to unlock the sophisticated time-travel device's full potential! Armed with Eliza's watch, your climb up the mysterious Clockwork Tower will take on new dimensions: scan for invisible flux objects, pause reality with time warps, even travel through time and space!

Beyond the tower, immerse yourself in Eliza’s village, full of rich characters and challenging mini-games woven seamlessly into thrilling first-person gameplay. Dozens of beautiful locations are more than simply pretty: each one is a puzzle itself!

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