LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control 1.21

Free Disable all USB mass storage devices not listed within software white list.
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The #1 cause of data breach is due to employee negligence. LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control drastically reduces an employee's ability to save data to a USB mass storage device that is not secure. The software is provided by Systematic Development Group, the company that developed the award-winning LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive. The software includes a service that runs in the background and disables all USB mass storage devices when they are inserted into a USB port, unless the devices had been added to the Whitelist within the software. Other USB peripheral device types remain operational. The software is password protected so that an end-user can not add other devices to the Whitelist. During installation, the user is prompted to install no other software whatsoever. The software is also completely free of 3rd party ads and will never prompt for the download of any other software.
The Free Edition of the software includes a default Whitelist of LOK-IT Secure Flash Drives. Since all data saved to LOK-IT USB flash drives are secured with military-grade encryption and protected further via PIN-pad based hardware authentication, all data remains completely protected in case of the drive's loss or theft. Organizations do not have to disclose their loss, under HIPAA or other privacy laws. Any USB flash drives other than LOK-IT are immediately disabled when inserted into a USB port, effectively locking down the USB ports to other USB flash drives. The Pro Edition of the software includes the ability to Add Devices to the Whitelist and Remove devices from the Whitelist. Whitelisted devices can be modified and ranges of serial numbers can be Whitelisted within a single entry. A Whitelist can be easily Exported and Imported in order to easily make Whitelists common among a large number of computers. Both Free and Pro Editions include the ability to accept software updates automatically. The Auto-Update feature can be turned off and a Check for Updates button be used, alternatively. In addition to this Mac O/S application, LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control software is also available for Windows O/S. Demonstration help videos can be viewed at: www.LOK-IT.net/usb-device-control-software-help
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