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Logo Pop Lite 1.5

Create your own logos for your business or other purposes.

Logo Pop Lite is intended to create your own logos for your business or other purposes. In this respect, the tool saves you from starting to design a logo from scratch, as it comes with multiple pre-designed vector graphics that you can use free of charge. Good to know that it comes with a detailed guide to help you exploit its features to the fullest.

In terms of interface and functions, Logo Pop Lite looks just like many other programs intended for graphic creation. In this regard, there is the usual canvas to draw on as well as a toolbox to create different shapes, strokes and text. There is a long list of such tools that includes Rectangle, Oval, Line, Polygon, Arc, Ring, Freehand and Path, among others.

It is good news that the tool supports working with multiple layers, which helps you focus on specific parts of your project. Moreover, the fact that you are working with vector graphics means that the objects will not get distorted or lose definition if you resize them.

As said, the product comes with multiple templates and predesigned graphics you can use in your project, which is a good thing. Still, I feel that I cannot customize them as much as I would like to.

When you are done with your creation, you can export the resulting logo to multiple formats, which include editable vector PDFs and various types of images, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Regrettably, it does not seem to support other vector graphic file types.

All in all, Logo Pop Lite can give a hand in creating your own logos. Yet, do not expect it to match the quality or originality of a logo created by a good professional. There are two versions of this product and this one has some limitations, such as fewer predesigned logos and images.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple drawing tools
  • Supports layers
  • Multiple templates and predefined vector images
  • Works with vectors
  • Supports exporting to various picture formats
  • Detailed user guide


  • Does not seem to support vector graphic file types other than PDF
  • Not as many predefined logos and graphics as the standard version
  • Not many options to customize predefined graphics
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