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Maintain a digital logbook for professional sailors.
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Organize the data relevant for sailing activities in the digital logbook client. Input the data structured according to the traditional data placement into a skipper's book and run the automatic analysis of your notes. Generate reports or track the vessel conditions.

"Logbook" is an user-optimised logbook software, developed from sailors for sailors which has already been enhanced during long turns and is now available in English user interface! The first digital logbook for sailors.
The user interface of "Logbook" is based on a classic, printed logbook. To faciliate the use of "Logbook" and the input of all relevant data, the entry masks and layouts are less computer technical (as with digital logbooks available for Windows) but more practical structured.
"Logbook" is basically made for skippers who used printed logbooks up to now and, in future, would like to benefit from the advantages of a digital version. This is particularly the automatic analysis of your notes. Using the trips and the overview you will automatically get all relevant notes and totals as well as average values—both for every day, for a whole trip and also for all entries in your "Logbook".
Of course your "Logbook" can be printed. Hence you can make a printed "Logbook" for you and your crew to keep the trip in memory.
During your journey you can enter the nautical data in "Logbook" just like in a traditional logbook on paper. It is up to you how often and how detailed you type in your information. "Logbook" provides a page for the nautical information and a second page for weather dates, technical notes as well as for your personal diary with photos for every day. Besides, "Logbook" offers a special view where you can put in detailed information on your yacht. This makes it easier to find all important information when needed.
Addendum from June, 08, 2013:
On our website you now can get the new enhanced version 3.0 with optional NMEA connection feature.
Addendum from March, 06, 2013:
On our website you now can get the new enhanced version 2.5.
Addendum from September 03, 2012:
"Logbook 2" is now available. You will get "Logbook 2" only in our own shop.
The new features in overview:
• iPad support: Special views for use on iPad, optimized for iPad display and touch interface
• Generation of a track from positions entered in the form or from the automatic GPS position recording function on iPad
• Smart Window: Additional comfortable input mask on PC for the navigation data with large entry fields
• Individual abbreviations for watches
• On iPad: automatic entry of time and position using the GPS from iPad
• On iPad: automatic recording of the positions using the GPS from iPad
• Various smaller improvements
Logbooks created with "Logbook 2" can be used alternately on Mac and on iPad.

A German version of "Logbook" is available too. Please look for "Logbuch".

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