Liya 5.0

Access MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite3 databases using a simple 3-panel display.

Liya allows a user to access three Database Systems simultaneously from a single visual interface.
Note: Actually, four, if you include MariaDB separately from MySQL, because Liya also works with MariaDB databases. From here on, anything that works for MySQL is assumed to also work with MariaDB.
Liya can access MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite3 databases, all in the same way, using a simple 3-panel display -- one panel for selecting the database and the table, another for editing the table structure, and the last for editing the contents of the table.
Liya can access databases in all three systems simultaneously, using multiple windows, with each window showing the contents of a single database.
And Liya will move data from one database to another, just by dragging and droppiing. If you need to copy the table structure of one table to another, even across database systems, simply drag and drop across windows. Do the same with data. You can export data from one database for backups that can be read by any of the other databases.
What's new in this version:
Liya on Yosemite now works with iCloud Drive.

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