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Free Allows editing, enhancing and transforming pictures, with layer support.
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LiveQuartz Lite is intended for editing, enhancing and transforming pictures. It comes with a set of basic image editing tools and filters you can use for this purpose. The tool uses its own native format (RHIF) to save all the data you need to continue your work in the future. Moreover, it supports other more general formats, such as PDF, PNG, HEIC, JPEG, TIF, TGA, GIF, BMP, RAW and OpenEXR.

LiveQuartz Lite has a straightforward interface with most of the space dedicated to viewing the image you are working on. Fortunately, it supports layers, which you can manage from the left-side pane. This way, you can apply filters more easily without affecting the elements on other layers. On the top of your window, there is the toolbar, which contains most of the tools you can find in a similar application. This includes various brushes, lines, rectangles and ovals. There are even two kind of erasers, one of them for the background only.

The pane on the right, in turn, lets you manage filters. Fortunately, you will find there are multiple filters to choose from. It is excellent that there are various selection tools, like Lasso, Oval and Rectangle. This way, by means of operations combining layers and selection tools, you can remove a photo’s background and substitute it with a transparent color, for instance.

In general, LiveQuartz Lite allows performing from basic to rather complex image editing operations without needing to use heavy-artillery stuff, which could be more difficult, time-taking and expensive. Although the Lite version is distributed for free, it comes with several limitations, like not allowing to export images. This means that, eventually, you may need to acquire the unlimited version, available as in-app purchase.

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  • Supports layers
  • Extensive list of filters
  • Multiple editing tools
  • Compatible with a wide range of formats
  • Easier and less expensive than other more sophisticated tools


  • Cannot export to various formats



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