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Set Internet connection permissions for your apps.

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Excellent utility which monitors outgoing traffic & notifies of how many IPs some programs connect to (such as Skype). If being infected, one of the first things malware does is 'call home' which will allow you to block it. Probably, one of the best security software tools, you wont regret buying it.

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This is the best thing I've found for alerting me to apps that are trying to make outgoing Internet connections. The amount of control I have over when those connections are allowed, and who can make them, is invaluable to me. Simply put, this is one of 2 pieces of software that I've owned for many years, that I've never regretted spending the money on. ChronoSync is the other one.

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The capabilities this application has are truly unique. I mean, there are plenty of programs that track your ingoing connections (some anti-viruses even going so far as blocking the whole web-connection on your computer: I has problems like that with a couple of security software programs). But this thing makes something completely different: it tracks you outgoing connections, therefore. combined with Firewall, it provides your machine with complete connection security.

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