LiteManager 7.0

Administer various remote workstations using their IPs or generated IDs.

LiteManager helps you administer various workstations. Making connections to other computers in the network requires installing the server and the client apps. The Mac application being reviewed, it is just on the client side so it is necessary to install the server on a remote computer, and, regrettably, this can only run on a Windows machine.

There are two ways to access workstations as they may be identified by not only their IPs but automatically generated IDs as well. In this regard, it is also necessary to provide the required passwords. Luckily, you do not need to memorize the IPs or IDs because LiteManager allows creating a list of contacts. But that is not all, you can attach your preferences to each contact, including access and pixel modes.

Once the remote machine is accessible, there is a window in which its screen can be viewed. Besides, there are other operations you can perform with this tool. For instance, you can manage remote tasks and power usage mode. There is also the possibility to chat using text, audio or video. Finally, there is another feature that is greatly appreciated: remote installations and updates.

All in all, LiteManager is a light but efficient solution that facilitates the work of network administrators. It has other uses as well, such as providing technical support and sharing presentations. Luckily, there is a free license to use this product to control up to 30 computers at the same time. However, should you need to work on a larger network, it will be necessary to purchase a Pro version, which also comes with other advantages. The price of the license is calculated based on the number of machines.

Pedro Castro
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  • Free license allows controlling up to 30 simultaneous computers
  • Allows keeping a contact list with connection parameters


  • Server application only for Windows
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