Liptikl - Cut-Up Word Shuffler & Creative Writing Tool

Liptikl - Cut-Up Word Shuffler & Creative Writing Tool 1.1

Liptikl is a creative writing tool that can help you come up with new and exciting word arrangements.

Liptikl is a creative writing tool that can help you come up with new and exciting word arrangements. If you are looking for a lyric generator or you make or write song, music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads, then it could be just what you are looking for. In fact, if you write at all it could well be for you.
The cut-up / word-shuffling process is often a very powerful technique for stimulating creative writing; the random word associations Liptikl comes up with can often give you completely new options to consider, bringing extra advantage & fresh ideas to explore. The use of a random lyric generator can sometimes help unblock a block!
Liptikl lets you mix together words from up to 3 different sources, and, according to some inbuilt rules, generates word arrangements from these. The input sources could be complete chapters, tracts or paragraphs, news or current affairs, some of your past lyrics or writing, or even collections of your favourite words. Because you are working from existing source material and selections of words, when mixed together, unusual, exciting and interesting things can happen.
Example 1: Come up with something completely new. Try mixing a Shakespeare sonnet with some Tolstoy and then add in some show news story or headline.
Example 2: Start from something, and work around it. Load up some of your own writing and favourite words, and then let Liptikl replace certain words with those from your source material.
if you use Liptikl to come up with something you like, make sure that it does not infringe the copyright of any of your source material. Liptikl is pretty good at "shuffling words", but it is just a tool for you to use to generate ideas. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you are not infringing anyone else's copyright.
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