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Localize xcode projects by editing strings in various languages.
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Linguan is intended for helping you in the process of localizing applications. In this regard, the tool can automatically extract all text strings in an Xcode project so that you can translate them to other language or regional variations. It supports identifying strings in Objective-C and Swift code. Likewise, it can work directly with XLIFF, a widely used format that is compatible with many other translation tools.

The application has an easy-to-use interface. An important element is a table that contains the original strings and their translations to as many languages as you need. As part of an automatic scanning, it also lets you filter certain rows. For instance, you can view those rows in which there are missing translations and forget about those that have already been completed. Another possibility is to use the wizard to edit your missing translations in a form style.

Luckily, the tool supports various ways by which you can share translations. This is when its support of XLIFF becomes convenient. Thus, in addition to importing such file type, Linguan can also export the results of the scan so that other people can work on their translation.

In general, Linguan is great for the localization job, which help your apps reach a wider audience in several languages. However, it is not perfect. In this respect, it does not support working on various simultaneous projects. Besides, and this is just a wish, it would be good if it allowed scanning XIB files in a project in order to identify untranslated strings. Good news is that this product can be tried at no cost; an opportunity you should not miss to see if it works for you.

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  • Supports automatic extraction of strings from code
  • Lets you work with various languages simultaneously
  • Identifies untranslated or duplicate strings
  • Wizard to help you edit missing translations
  • Imports and exports XLIFF files


  • Does not support scanning XIB files in a project to identify untranslated strings


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