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Browse your photo collection with just a few clicks.
09 Apr 2021
4 Nov 2019
14 Oct 2016
Editorial review
20 Nov 2014
Editorial review
11 Apr 2013
Editorial review

What's new

v1.4 [4 Nov 2019]
- Added Russian language.
- Added support for animated PNG (APNG) image format.
- Added a preference to skip certain image types when browsing folders.
- Fixed compatibility issues with the newest versions of the operating system.

v1.2 [14 Oct 2016]
- Fixed a bug: in some cases the full screen window mode was not saved across app launches.

v1.1 [20 Nov 2014]
- New design with even less chrome, matching the new OS style.
- Display of image metadata, such as image size and type.
- Quick zoom to 1:1 mode (press Opt key and move mouse to pan).
- Support for Philips HUE for ambient lighting depending on the viewed image.
- Support for Leap Motion sensor for swiping, scrolling, rotating and zooming images by moving hands in the air.
- Support for Lightpack for ambient lighting depending on the viewed image.
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0 [11 Apr 2013]
- Open current image in an external editor (File > Open in Editor).
- Print images (File > Print…).
- New zoom commands: Command+2 for 200%, Command+4 for 50%.
- New mode for the Automatic Zoom: Keep Zoom Level.
- The option to quit LilyView when its main window is closed.
- Looped navigation through images in a folder (swipe or press left/right arrow twice when reached a folder end).
- Two-finger swipe now used for navigating through images regardless of the system's swipe settings.
- Removed Escape key shortcut to open Finder (use File > Show in Finder menu command instead).
- Preferences split into two tabs.
- Updated image sorting algorithm.
- Improved RAW image handling.
- Fixed UI freezing while browsing folders with very many images.
- Optimized reading folder content (was slow with large folders on OSX Mavericks).
- Improved handling of images over 8000x8000 px on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.
- Fixed blurring large images at 100% zoom.
- Fixed deleting images in OSX 10.7 Lion.
- Images that could not be loaded now show "broken image" icon.
- Fixed fullscreen mode on multiple displays.
- Fixed the bug with resetting image file associations back to Preview.
- Fixed bezel icons displayed on the last image of the folder.
- Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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