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screensavers based on game of life, various fractals & quotes
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George Russell
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LifeSaver is an OS X screensaver that simulates Conway's game of life on screen. The starting configurations for the cells are randomly selected from predetermined configurations, and from randomly generated configurations.
MandelSaver is an OS X screensaver that draws colourised Mandelbrot and Julia set images on the screen. The position and colouration of the subset of the fractal displayed is randomly selected.
KochFractalSaver generates randomised coloured patterns based on the Koch fractal.
SierpinskiSaver animates a Sierpinski Triangle or Carpet fractal, or a T-Square fractal on screen. Rotation, Zoom, level of detail and colouration are randomly selected.
QuoteSaver displays a series of quotes from the author Terry Pratchett, selected from the online Pratchett Quote File.
What's new in this version:
Improved drawing speed in MandelSaver Added Julia Set drawing to MandelSaver Added three new colour palettes to MandelSaver Improved selection of fractal area to draw New Sierpinski Fractal ScreenSaver New Quotes ScreenSaver



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