LensFlare Studio

LensFlare Studio 6.6

Adds optical effects to processed image files.
Enhance and modify pictures taken by a camera or similar images by uploading them to the application providing access to a library of optical effects. It supports lens flares, lighting correction, rays and beams of different shapes, glares, bokeh, etc.

LensFlare is intended to enhance your photographs by adding different types of effects, including lens flares, natural sunlight, streaks, glows and glares. In this respect, the application comes with a huge library containing more than 100 optical effects. Likewise, it is possible to create your own filters. The tool supports importing various popular picture formats, including RAW, with a size of 8000x8000 pixels.

The application has a beautiful straightforward interface. In fact, learning to use should not take much time, mainly if you have used similar tools before. Most of the space in the main window is devoted to previewing the image. Moreover, there is a left-side pane that lets you choose one of the categories, like anamorphic lens, spherical lens, elements and streaks, in which the effects have been organized.

Likewise, there is a bottom pane from which you can pick the desired preset in each category. In this regard, it is good that there are examples of each category and preset to help you make your choice. Luckily, it does not take too long for the program to process the picture so you can easily preview the changes in real time.

Besides the effects mentioned, you can also add filters and textures until you get the desired results. Luckily, LensFlare creates impressive effects thanks to its ability to dynamically respond to the position of the source of light. However, my advice is not to make an excessive use of the app’s features, unless you are trying to create an unrealistic effect.

Once you have finished your work, you can export the resulting image in various popular formats, such as PNG, JPG and TIFF. Regarding this, it is good that the original EXIF data will be preserved in the new file.

To conclude, LensFlare Studio can add artistic effects to your photographs with almost no effort. Good news is that there is trial version of this product. By the way, it is a real shame that the application inexplicably crashed several times when loading. In fact, I was about to give up trying it. Fortunately, it finally worked as expected. From then on, there have been no other problems.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports importing and exporting to various picture formats
  • Supports importing huge images
  • Instant preview of the changes
  • Huge collection of effects
  • Impressive results
  • Preserves EXIF data in the new files


  • Crashed several times at the beginning
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